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Heating oil is a popular heating fuel used by many in the United States. In Pennsylvania, temperatures vary and can drop to freezing or below freezing quickly. When you have a furnace that uses oil to heat your home or business, you need a trusted, professional fuel supplier like Smith Coal & Oil Inc. Heating oil is similar to natural gas and is used by over five million households in the U.S. Not only does heating oil heat the space you are in, but it also is used to heat the water. You need the correct amount at the right price for your residential or commercial building in Cambria, Indiana, and Clearfield County, PA. For more information on heating oil, contact us by calling (814) 948-4708 or contact us online.

Delivery Options

Here at smith coal and oil, we offer our customers the option to become part of our monthly delivery list. When you join the monthly delivery option, you gain the benefits of not having to worry about when you need oil or if you are running out of oil. Every month during the heating season, you will receive a fill up so your tanks will not run out. This leaves you with not having to worry about checking your tanks fuel gauge level or calling in to order fuel.

LIHEAP Program in Cambria County, Pennsylvania

We are a certified LIHEAP vendor. LIHEAP is a program that offers low income families a grant to help pay for their home heating oil bills. You can learn more or apply for assistance by visiting their website.

When is the Best Time to Buy Heating Oil?

Search for the lowest prices.
Prices drop in warmer times of the year.

Fill oil tank fully over warm season to save money.

Monthly Budget Plan

Having a monthly budget plan can be an effective way to help plan for paying for your home heating oil during those cold months. We use the amount of home heating oil you used over a 12 month period and give you a low monthly payment. Then when you need to order fuel you have the funds available without having to come up with the total cost then.

Over 25 Years of Fueling Residential & Commercial Areas

Smith Coal & Oil Inc. has been providing multiple types of heating fuel to homes and businesses for over 25 years. We serve many areas surrounding Northern Cambria, PA. We never want you to run out of fuel to heat your residential or commercial area during the coldest times of the year. We will deliver the heating oil or other types of fuel that you need to make sure you, your family, your customers, and others are staying warm. We also help to make sure that you are buying quality fuel at the correct time. Some of the other heating fuels and products we offer include:


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Residential & Commercial Areas around Northern Cambria, PA

We have been serving Northern Cambria, PA, and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We deliver prompt and curteous service to the folowing areas. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction with each coal and Home heating oil order we fulfill.

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Chest Springs

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