Landscaping Material & Mulch

Northern Cambria, PA

Landscaping Materials to Make Lawns Beautiful

Landscaping is something homeowners want and business owners need to make the outside lawns of a building look beautiful. Where would you get all the supplies like mulch and fuel for all of the landscaping tools you will need? At Smith Coal and Oil, we keep an excellent selection of landscaping materials to keep the outside of your home or business looking beautiful. No matter the size of the job, we can supply you with the right amount of material at a great price. We offer delivery to your home or jobsite so you can save time getting your project finished. For all the landscaping materials you will need, contact us by calling (814) 948-4708 or contact us online.

What Are Some of the Landscaping Items You Need?

Limestone (Dust, 1B, 2B, 2A, #3, #4)
River Rock (Pea, 2B, #3, #6)
Barn Red Stone (1B, 2B)
Mulch (Brown, Black, Red)
Screened Topsoil (Undercover)
Sand (Mason, Concrete)

Fuel for Heating & Machinery in Northern Cambria, PA

Not only does Smith Coal & Oil Inc. provide mulch and other landscaping supplies, we also provide fuel for heating and machinery at your home or business. We provide heating oil, propane, coal, and other types of fuel like off-road diesel and propane cylinder refills for residential and commercial areas of Northern Cambria, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas. When you need large amounts of coal, oil, or other supplies, we should be your first stop. We will deliver the amount of product you need to your home or business and at a reasonable price. For more information on all the landscaping and fuel supplies we offer, call and speak with us today!

Providing Mulch & Off Road Diesel Since 1993 in Northern Cambria, PA

Smith Coal & Oil Inc. was established in 1993 and has been providing Cambria, Indiana, and Clearfield counties with coal, oil, and other types of fuel ever since. If you have farming, excavating, or logging equipment, or a UTV, that uses off road diesel to run, we can provide the quality fuel to keep your machines running properly. We can set up delivery to your home or business if you have a permanent storage tank at your site. If you have any questions, call and speak with us for more on delivering the finest quality heating oil or coal to your doorstep today.

Residential & Commercial Areas around Northern Cambria, PA

We have been serving Northern Cambria, PA, and surrounding areas for over 25 years. We deliver prompt and curteous service to the folowing areas. Our goal is to provide customer satisfaction with each coal and Home heating oil order we fulfill.

Cambria County
Northern Cambria
Chest Springs

Indiana County
Cherry Tree
Penn Run

Clearfield County
Glen Campbell